FirstEnergy has started construction on parcels of property that they own easements thereupon. As expected, FirstEnergy is repeatedly and visibly violating the conditions associated with the Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need issued by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, the Construction Access Plan, the Wetland & Stream Preservation Plan, the Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan, the Vegetation Clearing, Herbicide use and signage plan.

No one will stop them other than you!

Please read the following documents. These documents detail the specific rights given to FirstEnergy and the conditions to which they must adhere.

The OPSB Staff Report

Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need

Appendix C - Off Road Vehicle Plan

Appendix G - Residential landscape plan

Appendix H - Wetland and stream plan

Appendix I - Threatened and endangered species plan

Appendix J - Vegetation Clearing

Appendix K - Construction Access Plan

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan

If you observe any instances of FirstEnergy violating these rules, immediately report the violations to the Ohio Power Siting Board and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.

Link to the PUCO for filing an informal complaint:

Email contact for legal questions:

Klaus Lambeck, the Chief - Facilities, Siting & Environmental Analysis Division is who signed off to begin construction. His phone number is 614-644-8244.

EPA complaint form:

You can also submit an EPA complaint over the phone by contacting Ed Wilk at 330-963-1172.

Jim Galm.

President, CARE